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We are the manufactures and suppliers of water solution equipments and plants for various industrial and commercial applications. We offer products and solutions using technologies like RO, UV, UF, DM, & Water Softener. We also undertake services of industrial & commercial plants and solution.
The solution is designed based on the customer's requirement and customizations can be done for all the products that match the specific requirement.


Water Treatment:

End to End Bottling Plants:

why choose us

We at Yash Water Purifiers are committed to “Provide Pure & Safe – PANCHTATVA to Mankind” under the brands "BLUE HAWK", & "SEAWACH".

Guaranteed Support & Services

We understand the importance of Pure Water & what can happen if the equipment is having downtime. Hence, we assure best services in the least possible time.

Proven Track Record

We have competent team that helps in delivering accurate and consistent water test results using our equipments.

Approachable & Solution Provider

Our team collaborates and understand the needs of the customers and provide suitable solution & just not the product.

Cost Effective

All our products are cost effective in the long run that is "Product life cycle cost is low"



  • 3 Offices Across India
  • Large Manufacturing Capacity
  • Corporate Office in Mumbai


  • Inhouse Service Team
  • Service Network PAN India
  • Trained & Professional Team

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