Pre- Sale Service: To study and analyze the client's need.

Survey of Installation Sites.

Check TDS of Raw Water.

Purpose of Treatment.

Capacity of treated water required.

TDS required by client.

Guide Clients in deciding the best Treatment Plant as per their need.

Sales: Financing Solutions

Outright Purchase

Hire Purchase


Pay per use

Post- Sale Service: To provide the best quality service to our clients within the given time.


Preventive Maintenance.


Training to Client in order to trouble shoot and maintain minor problems.

Extended Warranty.

Maintenance Contract.

Flow Diagram Of RO Plant

Raw water pump: provide the pressure to quartz sand filter/active carbon filter.

Multi -medium filter : Get rid of turbidity, suspended matter, organic matter, colloid, ect.

Active Carbon filter : Remove the color, free chloride, organic matter, harmful matter, ect.

Softener : exchange "ions" of calcium and magnesium with the most common and easiest method.

Micron filter : prevent large particles, bacteria, viruses into RO membrane, accuracy is 5um.

High pressure Pump : Provide the high pressure to RO membrane ro.

RO system : main part of the plant. The RO membrane's desalting rate can reach 99%, removing over 99% ions.